Application of Air Filtration to Swine Breeding Farms for the Prevention of Airborne Disease
By Dr. Dee Scott, Pipeline Veterinary Clinic

Airborne Infection Control: The Role of Ventilation in Protecting the World from the Greatest Disease Related Threats
By Gerry Blackwelder, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Changes and Challenges of 52.2 and ISO Update
By Mike Corbat, CAFS, Filtration Group

Controlling Healthcare Acquired Infections Using UVC
By Dr. Richard Vincent, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

Latest Update and Testing of Cleanroom Techniques
By Dr. Jennifer Wagner, Prism Environmental Health and Safety

Air Filtration Media
By Steve Ogle, INDA

ANSI / ASHRAE Standard 145.2; Interpreting Results
By Brad Stanley, Engineer, AAF International

Our Trip to India - Air Filtration and Tuberculosis
By Bill Palmer, CAFS, AeroMed, Inc. and Chris Zaker, CAFS, NCT, Glasfloss Industries, Inc.