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Certified Technician Level I

The NAFA Certified Technician (NCT) Program is a recognized designation that is held by over 300 air filter service technicians. Upon completion, and a frameable certificate from NAFA headquarters.

What makes this program so special?

This certification is available to both member and non-member technicians. This means that the NCT program is an opportunity for you to reach out to facility managers and building owners to invite them to participate.

NCT exams can be administered by NAFA (see below) or a CAFS. By helping customers certify their employees, air filtration professionals can increase knowledge and professionalism in the workplace. As a bonus, spreading knowledge outside of NAFA membership can help build relationships, increase one’s customer base, and support the air filtration industry as a whole.

Where can I take the exam next?

The next NCT Exam will be administered during the next Annual Convention, AHR Expo, FiltXpo and Technical Seminar, or you can take the exam online at any time.

How can I prepare for the exam?

This two-hour, open book exam has 100 questions (40 multiple choice, 60 true/false) and is based on the Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Air Filtration Systems manual. There are no other study guides or tutorials for the NCT exam.

Cost of the Exam


  • Members: $125; retake fee is $30
  • Non-Member: $175; retake fee is $40


  • Members $100; retake fee is $30
  • Non-Member: $150; retake fee is $40


  • Members $30
  • Non-Member: $50

If you are interested in becoming certified, or are a CAFS who is interested in administering the exam to service technicians in the workplace, contact us today!

Stay Current – Renew Your NCT, Level I Certification

To maintain your NCT, Level I certification, you must complete one continuing education credit per year from the categories listed below (each activity is one credit). Your chosen activity must have been completed between January 1 and December 31. Additionally, you must have been actively involved in the sale/service of air filters during the preceding year. For NAFA members, the cost to renew the certification each year is $30. For non-members, the cost is $50.

Did you know?

Any NAFA Certified Air Filter Specialist can administer the NCT exam. If you are interested, contact NAFA