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Certified Technician Level II

The NAFA Certified Technician Level II program is an accreditation provided for learning and demonstrating the correct and safe protocol for proper Bag in, Bag Out procedures in regards to hazardous air filter housings. BIBO housings are commonplace at hospitals and healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical facilities, and biopharma research operations.

To ensure properly trained personnel for these hazardous conditions, this training and testing program involves a three-hour tutorial, a 64-question open-book written exam and practical exam. Participants passing the two tests will receive the NCT Level II designation.

The training and testing program is approximately 5 hours long, and takes place in person, typically a few times a year. Visit our calendar of events for more information and to register.

Every Certified Air Filter Specialist (CAFS) should aspire to earn the NCT II Certification. Taking the NCT II exam will earn you four (4) credits toward your NAFA CAFS certification.

Cost of the Exam


  • Members $550; retake fee is $30
  • Non-Member: $1150; retake fee is $40


  • Members $30
  • Non-Member: $50

All additional supplies for the training (not incuding the IOM) are included in the price, including full face respirator and full body Tyvek® suit, etc.

Stay Current – Renewal Your NCT, Level II Certification

To maintain your NCT, Level II certification, you must complete one continuing education credit per year from the categories listed below (each activity is one credit). Your chosen activity must have been completed between October 1 and September 30.