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NAFA Foundation

NAFA Foundation

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The NAFA Foundation was founded in 2008* as a supporting organization to the National Air Filtration Association by providing funding for enhancement of the charitable, educational, and scientific activities routinely carried on by the National Air Filtration Association.

Industry Research
Many areas of the science of air filtration remain unexplored. The NAFA Foundation allows NAFA to fund industry research to provide answers to help members better understand filtration. With increases in energy costs, research on the best application of nano-filtration, LEED, and sustainability will assist members in helping their clients and customers. NAFA will own this research and can provide members a step up on non-member filtration companies.

Recent research projects include:

Impact of High-Efficiency Filtration Combined with High Ventilation Rates on Particulate Matter Concentrations in U.S. Offices – Executive Summary
Dr. Michael Waring, et. al., June 2017

Report on the NAFA Research Project, Wells-Riley and MERV
Dr. Brent Stephens, March 2012

Technology Development
New filtration technologies are being introduced to the marketplace and the Foundation can help these emerging ideas and technologies to become reality. Technology development, as a logical extension of research, implements the results of research to application, advancing air filtration and providing improved end results.

Member Education and Scholarships
All societies progress through education. The NAFA Foundation will fund member, family member, and company member scholarships as NAFA has done for the past 20 years. The Foundation will allow for even more funding for scholarships as the interest on the funds will be added to the proceeds from NAFA scholarship events each year. In addition, the Foundation will allow NAFA to procure the best minds from science and industry to present at NAFA conferences so that members can be better educated and benefit from this knowledge.

As of 2023, NAFA has awarded 42 academic scholarships of $1,000 each. The Foundation increased the scholarship amount to $2,500 beginning in 2024.

The NAFA Foundation Scholarship is funded by the NAFA Annual Convention’s golf tournament and generous NAFA members.

The NAFA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax-deductible.

*The NAFA Foundation was incorporated in 2008 by NAFA members Jeff Holt, Paula Levassuer, Tom Ryan, Harry Elinky Jr. and Joe Fly Jr.

NAFA Foundation Board of Directors

Jeff Holt, CAFS, NCT; Airflow Products Co., Inc. - Chair
Paula Levasseur, CAFS; LMF Services LLC - Secretary
Joe W. Fly, CAFS; Joe W. Fly Co., Inc. - Treasurer
Marisa Jimenez de Segovia, CAFS, NCT; Air-Care de Mexico
Jay Reese, CAFS; J & BR Associates, LLC.
Jim Rosenthal, CAFS; TEX-AIR Filters/Air Relief Technologies
Thomas Ryan, CAFS; Ryan Filter Sales, Inc.

Our Generous Supporters

AAF Flanders
Aero Filter, Inc.
Air Filter Sales & Service
Air Flow Technology, Inc.
Air Industries, Inc.
Air-Care de Mexico
Airflow Products Co., Inc.
Airsan Corporation
AllergyZone, LLC
BFC Solutions/Pure Air Sales
BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions Ltd.
Building Wellness Consultancy, Inc.
Cameron Great Lakes, Inc.
Capital Air Filter Corporation
Carvel Ltda.

Columbus Industries, Inc.
Essential Air Products
Expanded Technologies, Inc.
Fibrix Filtration
Filtech, Inc.
FilterPro Services Canada Ltd.
Fresh Air Filter Service, Inc.
Graphic Packaging International, Inc.
Green Leaf Technologies, LLC
Hydrosil International Limited
JAS Filtration Inc.
Joe W. Fly Co., Inc.
Kimberly Clark Corporation
Koch Filter Corporation

Northeast Air Solutions, Inc.
Parker HVAC Filtration
Quality Filters, Inc.
Rensa Filtration
Ryan Filter Sales, Inc.
Leslye Sandberg, CAFS
Sierra Filtration Products, Inc.
Smith Filter Corporation
TEX-AIR Filters
The Filter Man, Ltd.
Al & Nancy Veeck
Ver-Mac Industries, Inc.
Wallner Expac