As the air filtration industry continues to dramatically evolve, please join NAFA to explore the newest strategies of air cleaners. This hour-long webinar will look at the latest air cleaning technology of a building’s HVAC air cleaning Systems; and, also examine how ASHRAE recommended in-room portable air cleaners can be integrated to create better filtration.

NAFA member, Joe Pessa, of Dynamic Air Quality Solutions will reveal how to take advantage of system air cleaner’s low pressure drops, longer changeout cycles, and by-pass elimination to supply a deeper cleaning of the air.

Guest speaker, Mark Hernandez, PhD, PE, from the University of Colorado’s College of Engineering and Applied Science will present the latest data and conclusions from his studies of room air cleaners in the Denver Public School System. Mark and his team of researchers collected this data during the pandemic. This new information provides eye-opening insight on applications of any room type.

The webinar will include an open 20-minute question and answer session with the speakers. Please provide your questions prior to the webinar during registration; or be encouraged to submit questions live at the event.

Download Joe Pessa’s Slides

Dr. Mark Hernandez’s slides will not be shared, but a paper of his research will be published in Summer of 2021.