When to Change Your Air Filter? When it is loaded with dust, of course. But, unfortunately, there is more to the story than this simple statement. First, a short lesson on media air filters. All filters, be they commercial or residential, battle the same three forces of nature; resistance to flow (*see below), amount of… Read more about Residential Air Filtration

There have been significant improvements on 1″ furnace type filters over the last ten years. The fiberglass furnace filter was originally designed to keep the house ventilation system clean from large particles and debris. Since most of the house furnace blowers are not designed to operate in high static pressure environment, the fiberglass furnace filter… Read more about Using Furnace Filters as Whole House Room Air Cleaners

(Editor’s Note: For many years, the filter industry thought that electronic air cleaners – aka electrostatic precipitators ESP’s – lost efficiency due to the cells loading with dust. While this is the case with some applications, the following paper presents new evidence concerning ESP efficiency loss in a residential facility with potential implications in other… Read more about Improved Test Methods for Electronic Air Cleaners