Introduction The information provided here is intended to assist those responsible for making technical decisions to improve air filtration in commercial buildings. These would include offices, retail facilities, schools, churches, transportation terminals, and public arenas such as sports coliseums, and malls. The focus here will be on air filter selection concerning particulate contaminants. Building owners,… Read more about Selecting Proper Air Filter Efficiencies for Commercial Buildings

For Aerobiological Applications Recent concerns about bioterrorism and existing concerns about indoor air quality have raised interest in technologies that can remove indoor biological contaminants. Chief among these air cleaning technologies is filtration, and the ability of filters to remove microorganisms can be better understood thanks to the new standard for testing air filters, ASHRAE… Read more about MERV Filter Models

According to Encarta – World English Dictionary, “clearance” is defined as “removal of unwanted objects” and “permission for something to happen.” Both definitions are pertinent to the subject of remediation of compromised indoor environments. Additionally, definition of another term, “remediation,” should be considered. The term is defined as “the use of remedial teaching” or “therapy… Read more about Clear on Clearance

In Situ Determination of Fractional Efficiency in General Ventilation Filters The purpose of the EN 4/10 research paper was what many of us in the industry of air filtration have looked for as a method of validating the performance of one filter system to another in real time. Fractional or particle size efficiency of filters… Read more about Review of Eurovent 4/10 – 1996