We’ve always known that providing good air filtration to a building had many benefits from providing a cleaner healthier environment to protecting equipment, fixtures and processes. In January ASHRAE released the, “Report of Presidential Ad Hoc Committee for Building Health and Safety under Extraordinary Incidents.” HVAC air filtration moved to the forefront as a valuable… Read more about Pressure Drop Considerations in Air Filtration

Filtration is Key to Efficient Environmental Air and Process Cooling SystemsFiltration Systems Can Reduce Maintenance and Downtime Filtration Systems Can Reduce Maintenance and Downtime To strike an interesting analogy, a cooling tower and heat exchanger is to a building what the lungs and heart are to the human body; when either aren’t working properly, it… Read more about Selecting the Right Filtration System

SARS users in a new world of challenges The world of Jules Verne, described 130 years ago in Around the World in 80 Days, was one where many died from infectious diseases. Consumption (TB), syphilis, pneumonia, and gangrene claimed lives now saved by antibiotics and prevention. Railroads and steamships soon made the world small enough… Read more about SARS: The Facts Air Filter Professionals Should Know

Make no mistake about it. It is tougher than it used to be for the filter sales professional. It is a different environment than even five years ago. Sales and/or profit margins may be down; companies are reeling. With the new global economy, manufacturers are closing their domestic facilities and relocating outside the U.S. borders.… Read more about Selling in the New Era

When someone mentions a “controlled environment” most people think of a cleanroom or operating room. In actuality, there are 15 general categories of controlled environments1 and many subcategories under these. One of the most prevalent types of controlled environments, probably right down the street from you at an automotive dealer, is the downdraft paint spray… Read more about Controlled Environments – Explained