It does sound “green” to say overspray collectors keep the environment cleaner, but let’s face facts; keeping the exhaust stack and fan free of overspray build-up ensures that an exhaust system can properly remove VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and other noxious vapors from a spray booth.  That is the primary purpose of a paint arrestor.… Read more about The Purpose of Paint Arrestors

Officials at Keefe Technical School upgraded filter efficiency and found out the improvement keeps the ductwork clean while operating the heating and cooling coils at peak energy efficiency. Statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics are a bit unnerving: 53 million school children and 6 million teachers, administrators, and others walk into 120,000 school… Read more about Dealing With Schools’ Ventilation Problems

(Ed. Note: The largest number of cleanrooms is divided between the semi-conductor industry, driven by increased yield (or decreased cull rates), and the pharmaceutical/ medical device industry driven by health-related concerns of not causing death or illness to the public along with FDA regulatory concerns. In this article, Mr. Brande presents his views on what… Read more about Cleanrooms, Minimum Testing Criteria

While the largest amount of filtration business in a healthcare facility is typically found within the air handling system, there are many unique applications where filtration is used as part of a diagnostic or medical treatment procedure. One of these applications is the aerosol treatment chamber. An aerosol treatment chamber or booth is a negative… Read more about Aerosol Treatment Chambers

Biosafety Level 3 is applicable to clinical, diagnostic, teaching, research, or production facilities in which work is done with indigenous or exotic agents which may cause serious or potentially lethal disease as a result of exposure by the inhalation route. Laboratory personnel have specific training in handling pathogenic and potentially lethal agents, and are supervised… Read more about Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) Facilities