In Situ Determination of Fractional Efficiency in General Ventilation Filters The purpose of the EN 4/10 research paper was what many of us in the industry of air filtration have looked for as a method of validating the performance of one filter system to another in real time. Fractional or … Read more about Review of Eurovent 4/10 – 1996

According to the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, (IEST) with regard to performance, there are 6 types – A, B, C, D, E & F. Each has its own distinct characteristics as shown by chart 1 below. * Test on encapsulated filter Note: Either of the two test methods or an … Read more about How Many Types of HEPA Filters Are There?

Webster’s defines hospitality as hospitable treatment, reception or disposition. The root of the word comes from hospital, the Latin root meaning “guest room” however, the hospitality industry is increasingly under pressure to discriminate (define this as a little less hospitable) when it comes to … Read more about Providing An Air Of Hospitality

“…every child and school employee should have the right to an environmentally safe and healthy school that is clean and in good repair.” -- American Public Health Association The Problems The statistics are a bit unnerving; 53 million school children and 6 million teachers, administrators and … Read more about Air Filtration for Schools

Air filtration supplies the means to obtain the level of particulate cleanliness required by any definition of "air conditioning." It extends from the simple task of preventing lint and other debris from plugging heating/cooling coils to removing particles as small as 0.1 micron which could cause a … Read more about The Importance of Air Filtration

November 09, 2007 Because NAFA supports the position stated by the Environmental Protection Agency, that “...Ozone can be harmful to health," NAFA opposes the use of ozone producing equipment used as air cleaners or air purifiers in occupied spaces. Therefore, NAFA adopts the position that ozone … Read more about NAFA Position Statement on Ozone

Using ANSI Standard 52.2 in preparedness in bio-terrorism The National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) recognizes the increased concern about dangerous airborne diseases and further understands that as an association of air filtration professionals, it has an obligation to present a position … Read more about NAFA Position Statement on Bio-terrorism

When to Change Your Air Filter? When it is loaded with dust, of course. But, unfortunately, there is more to the story than this simple statement. First, a short lesson on media air filters. All filters, be they commercial or residential, battle the same three forces of nature; resistance to … Read more about Residential Air Filtration

There have been significant improvements on 1" furnace type filters over the last ten years. The fiberglass furnace filter was originally designed to keep the house ventilation system clean from large particles and debris. Since most of the house furnace blowers are not designed to operate in high … Read more about Using Furnace Filters as Whole House Room Air Cleaners