4/30/14 – As the President of the National Air Filtration Association, this is to inform the committee that based on an overwhelming consensus of NAFA’s members, NAFA will be voting “No” concerning the motion made in New York City, to move Appendix J from an appendix to an actual part of ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2012.

NAFA appreciates the hard work of SSPC52.2.  However, it is the majority view of NAFA’s membership that Appendix J should remain an appendix until other issues related to Standard 52.2-2012 can be addressed.  For example:

  • While much work has been done, we do not believe that Appendix J accurately represents “real world” conditions and that it possibly overstates the actual reduction of the electrostatic charge in-situ for many synthetic filtration medias.


  • There is considerable variability in 52.2-2012 test results between labs, even on identical filters. Reasons for this variability need to be understood more clearly and resolved.


  • It is our understanding that round-robin testing for Appendix J will be undertaken. We believe that until the results of the round-robin testing are reviewed, Appendix J should remain where it is.

In summary, NAFA feels that it would be in everyone’s best interest to keep Appendix J as an appendix until such time as these issues and any others are resolved.


Thank you.


On Behalf of the NAFA Board and Membership

Harry Allen, President