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The work of the committee is limited to the specific purpose established by the bylaws, policies and procedures and/or Board of Directors. The committee acts to complete specific ongoing tasks of the organization and fosters ongoing growth of NAFA.


  • Facilitate the work of the committee during and in between meetings
  • Attend and actively chair all meetings
  • Facilitate meaningful discussion and develop consensus
  • Assign tasks to committee members
  • Evaluate the purpose of the committee and determine whether it accomplished its goals, and what worked and what didn’t work
  • Recruit committee members with help of staff
  • Prepare brief update and deliver at the Technical Seminar during the association update
  • Use the board liaison as a resource and advisor


  • Act as the committee chair in their absence
  • Prepare meeting materials as requested by chair
  • Assist with keeping the committee productive and on track between meetings


  • Acts as liaison between the committee and board
    • Attend meetings and provide association updates, as needed
  • Keep the committee on track with its stated purpose as well as the organization’s mission and current strategic plan


  • Attend regular meetings
  • Provide input and take on specific projects as needed
  • Sign Committee Commitment Form


  • Work with chair to set meeting schedule and send calendar invites
  • Draft agenda and send to committee 5 days in advance along with additional materials
  • Draft minutes and send 10 days following the meeting


Committee Leadership serve one two-year term.


  • (Committees meet monthly at a regularly scheduled time)
  • January – Committee term starts
  • April – In person meeting (guests welcome)
  • August – Leadership calls to discuss committee purpose and strategies
  • October – In person meeting (guests welcome) Call for committee interest, send to membership following Annual Convention
  • November – Sign committee commitment form for following year (and Confidentially agreement as needed)
  • December – committee terms ends. Database updated with new members and reoccurring calendar invite sent for the following year.