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Award Nomination Tips

One of the benefits of NAFA is the Clean Air Award Program. It is an excellent way to honor your customers and build a closer relationship with them. We encourage ALL our members to participate in this program.

This is not a competition.  Participation is important and we have made submitting an application an easy process.  Just follow the step-by-step procedures and you should not have any trouble qualifying your customer.


1. Complete the nomination form – Side one is self-explanatory. Fill in your name and company information. Fill in your contact information. Make sure you indicate how you are paying for the nomination and submit payment when you send in the application.

2. Qualification for the Award is based on the point system on page 2 of the application.  

  • The first question, “MERV number of filters,” is the highest number used in the facility. For example, if you have recommended MERV 8 pre-filters and MERV 14 final filters, you would enter 14 points for this question.
  • For the other questions, if the facility is following the procedure, enter the full number of points. For example, if the facility is using pressure gauges, enter 10 points. 
  • To qualify for the Clean Air Award the nominee must have a total of at least 52 points.

3. Provide supporting documentation – This is critical. In order to receive the points, you must provide supporting documentation. Each point category has a method for substantiation. For example, for the gasket points, you must provide a picture of the installed gaskets. For the “filter change record” points, you must submit a copy of the filter change records. (On this category, all you need to submit is a representative sample, it is not necessary to submit ALL of the filter change records.)

4. Provide a narrative description – On a separate sheet of paper, provide a narrative description of the filter installation. This does not have to be a writing masterpiece, but it needs to explain something about the facility, the filter recommendations you have made and any other details about the work that you have done with the facility and its staff (for example, training of technicians). There is an additional sheet supplied with the nomination package that will help you with this narrative. It goes through the pertinent points and leaves room for your description. The purpose of this narrative is two-fold: first, it gives the reviewers a better understanding of the facility and its use of filtration to provide clean air; second, from time to time we send out publicity on Clean Air Award winners and the narrative gives the additional detail necessary to make this effective.

5. Sign and date the application

6. Submit the application – The Clean Air Award application can either be mailed to the NAFA office or emailed to If pictures are sent digitally, they need to be in either .jpg or .pdf format. The preferred format for the nomination is one pdf containing all required documentation.


All in all, it is a very simple, painless process. Properly organized, you should be able to complete the application in an afternoon. The amount of time and application fee to complete the submission is a small price to pay for a very satisfied customer. Good luck!