NAFA Committees

Technical Task Group

Trey Fly, CAFS, NCT II
Joe W. Fly Co., Inc.
3903 Warehouse Row
Austin, TX 78704, USA
512.441.4448 (Tel)
512.441.4483 (Fax)

Marketing Task Group

Tom Justice, CAFS, NCT
4997 Westmoreland Drive
Williamsburg, VA 23188, USA
919.740.6308 (Tel)

Technical Committee

To promote increasing attendance and participation at Technical Seminars and Annual Conventions by researching and securing presenters on technical topics that would be of interest to NAFA members and non-members.

To review and approve all technical publications produced in Air Media or other official NAFA publications, review CAFS and NCT examination pass/fail ratios and revise questions as necessary, and review all NAFA pamphlets and Guidelines prior to publication.

To form Ad Hoc subcommittee to revise, update and rewrite NAFA texts every 5 years.
Chair (2015 - 17)
Michael Beier, CAFS
Products Unlimited, Inc.
915 North 43rd Avenue
Omaha, NE 68131, USA
402.341.2823 (Tel)
402.341.8516 (Fax)
  Vice Chair (2015-17)
Timmy Timbs, CAFS
Wallner Expac
6462 Sandbourne West
Olive Branch, MS 38654, USA
662.420.7255 (Tel)
662.420.7255 (Fax)

Education & Training Committee

Provide staff assistance to assure the highest quality of NAFA Member training. Expand the knowledge of and promote the importance of air filtration among NAFA members and end-users.
Chair (2014-17)
Tom Justice, CAFS, NCT
4997 Westmoreland Drive
Williamsburg, VA 23188, USA
919.740.6308 (Tel)
  Vice Chair (2014-17)
Rob Williams
Burke/WACO-Los Angeles
12839 Chadron Avenue
Hawthorne, CA 90250, USA
310.220.2280 (Tel)
310.671.1467 (Fax)

Marketing & Membership Committee

To market the programs & conferences, awards, and certifications of NAFA to both internal and external customers providing increased public exposure and, whenever possible, additional sources of revenue. To expand the membership of NAFA.
Chair (2015 - 17)
  Vice Chair (2016 - 17)
Randy Brannen
Quality Filters, Inc.
23351 Grissom Dr.
Robertsdale, AL 36567, USA
346.831.9128 (Tel)
251.947.2499 (Fax)

Guidelines Committee

Research, develop and write "best practice" guidelines for specific air filtration applications.
Chair (2016 - 18)
Roberta MacGillivray
B.G.E. Services & Supply Ltd.
5711-103 A Street
Edmonton, AB T6H2J6, Canada
780.436.6961 (Tel)
780.437.2133 (Fax)
  Vice Chair (2016-18)
Kevin Delahunt, CAFS
B.G.E. Services & Supply Ltd.
6324 - 10th St., Bay 1, SE
Calgary, AB T2H2K7, Canada
403.243.5941 (Tel)
403.243.3346 (Fax)