By Chris Jennings, Sales, Leadership, and Client Retention Coaching

As someone who coaches companies on how to increase revenue and profits, I am always paying close attention to high-performing CEOs and top-notch business executives. Myself and my team of coaches work with people whose companies are looking for meaningful ways to improve themselves, their company, and operate at the top of their game.

Several years ago, I began to record the key attributes of top performing people with the hopes that if I could identify and document them, I could help others achieve similar success. People who are making considerable impacts within their companies and in their industries, all seemed to share a consistent group of ten attributes. I call these “The Ten Laws of Personal Growth” that if implemented will result in significant net positive results.

The Ten Laws for Personal Growth:

  1. Remain teachable – fight the urge to resist learning. It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts. Continually dive into learning from books, coaches, and everything around you. The most successful people are looking for learning moments that add up to a mountain of experience.
  2. Get comfortable, feeling uncomfortable. It’s ok, it won’t kill you. It means you are getting stronger. Progress, not perfection. Growth doesn’t come from operating within your comfort zone. Growth happens with you have opened up to accepting change and pushing your limitations to achieve self-improvement.
  3. Write and rewrite your personal goals and visions you want to create. Reaffirm everything you deserve, even if you don’t yet believe that you do. The most successful people have written personal goals, with a daily and weekly plan on how to achieve them, including pictures symbolizing their goals as a reminder of what results you’re working to achieve.
  4. Borrow from others that appear stronger. Act as if you are them. Try on their confidence for size until it is really who you are. You can choose how your personal growth is built. Identifying attributes that when taken on help you be your best you.
  5. Find a source of strength outside of yourself. Be it religion, nature, the gym, the piano; create a never ending well to draw from. Utilizing this law not only improves physical, mental, and spiritual wellness, but also creates an outlet for the daily stresses that we inevitably face.
  6. Use the old tapes and head trash that lie within you as a reminder of what was and be strong and faithful as you set your new course and rewrite your beliefs. These reminders of how far you have come are mental wins that stack up to be the motivational building blocks of your personal growth.
  7. Be grateful for every lesson that you receive. Disappointment is always followed by a return to greatness. Take the lesson with grace and humility. Appreciate how far you have come and look with eagerness to who you are becoming.
  8. When your head tells you not to show up, not to try or not to commit or that you are already doing that; reframe, and ask yourself, how can I do this even better? What simple adjustments could elevate my game to even higher highs? Write these adjustments down and make them visible as a constant reminder on how your can improve.
  9. Stay humble. There are many teachers all around; your coach, trainer, fellow student, boss, employee, prospect, children, parent and random encounters are all brought to you to teach you something. Your job is to discover the lesson.
  10. Embrace sacrifice. Invest in yourself. Give yourself the time, you are worth the investment, even if it is hard to do, it all will bring you so much more. Open your mind to your future self. Let your dreams materialize, they always will, if you work for them.

Knowledge of The Ten Laws for Personal Growth is just the first step. If some or all of these feel uncomfortable, you shouldn’t feel alone. The people who have fully implemented them are few and far between which is why they achieve what so many others do not. Leaving our comfort zones and incorporating the Ten Laws of Personal Growth into your life will undoubtedly be worth the investment of time and effort.

Should you, another NAFA member, or maybe someone from another industry you are connected with be interested in a conversation with our team of experienced sales coaches feel free to call me or send an email at the contact info below. We have helped thousands of companies build consistent revenue generating systems and implement processes to efficiently achieve higher sales results from new and existing customers.

I am looking forward to speaking at the 2019 NAFA Technical Seminar in Irving, Texas on April 2nd which will be a great opportunity for professionals in the air filtration industry to meet, build connections, and share best practices. See you there.