To purchase, create an account and take the NCT exam online, follow below steps:

  1. go to this link:
  2. Choose the “Exams” tab at the top
  3. Choose: “NAFA Certified Technician Exam-MEMBER [or NONMEMBER]”
  4. Qty = 1; click the “add to cart” button
  5. Click the “Secure Checkout” Button, you will see:
    New users create account, create an account by providing the following:

    1. Email:
    2. First Name:
    3. Middle Name:
    4. Last Name:
    5. Password:
    6. Confirm Password:
    7. User Name:
  6. After you enter the above, click the button “Create Account”
  7. This will take you to next page where you fill out address, company, etc. – after entering information, click next
  8. You will see “Payment Method,” choose “credit card”
  9. Enter credit card information
  10. Click next

That’s it, you are done, you will then see three emails: 1) thanking you for your purchase, 2) requires you to validate your email address, this must be done in order to get the third email: 3) Course Authorization email. If you don’t see these, check your junk mail folder, look for emails with the extension: “” Once all complete and you receive the course authorization, make sure to follow the browser setup instructions.

It is an open book exam – make sure they have access to the Installation, Operation & Maintenance of Air Filtration Systems.

Each examinee has 2 hours to take the timed exam. If you take too long on a question, it will time out. We suggest you plan to spend the 2 hours without break. (Exam average time: 45 min – 1 hr 15 min).

If you have any questions, please contact NAFA staff at (608) 310-7542. Good Luck!