Before you complete the NCT application, familiarize yourself with the procedures for applying for and taking the NAFA NCT exam.

Step one:
Complete the NCT exam application

Step two:
NAFA staff will review application to determine payment of the exam fee. If you are a NAFA member, you can either pay via credit card or have the invoice billed to your company. If you are not a member of NAFA, we will contact you for payment. For nonmembers, payment must be made before taking the exam online.

Step three:
After payment, NAFA will create an account and exam in our Learning Management Systems (LMS). You will receive a welcome email and exam order confirmation:

Step four:
Click on “Access the course now” to start the exam. You will have two house to complete the exam. Do not start the exam if you haven’t enough time to complete in one sitting.

Step five:
Once you finish the exam, you will recieve an email notiifying you of the results. If you fail, please contact NAFA for further instructions. If you pass, NAFA staff will send your new NCT packet via email within 2 weeks.