NAFA Best Practice Guideline for Hospital & Healthcare Facilities – an update

Tuesday, January 23
10:00 – 11:00 am
Room: S101A
NAFA Certification credits: 2

This session will detail NAFA’s best practice recommendations for air filter applications in hospital and healthcare facilities, with an update featuring NAFA’s new guideline Airborne Infections Containment Rooms in Health Care Facilities. Participants will learn: 5 different areas of a healthcare facility each having separate filtration requirements; typical application of air filtration versus “best practice” and information on Hospital Technician accreditation.

Tom Justice, CAFS, NCT
NAFA Education & Training Committee Chair



La Mejor Guia de NAFA para Hospitales y Centros de Salud – una actualización

Tuesday, January 23
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Room: S101A
NAFA Certification credits: 2

Esta sesión detallará las mejores prácticas recomendadas por NAFA para la aplicación de filtros de aire en Hospitales y Centros de Salud. Los participantes aprenderán: 5 zonas diferentes de un Centro de Salud teniendo cada uno requisitos de filtración por separado; aplicación típica de filtración de aire en comparación con las “mejores prácticas”; e información sobre la acreditación de Hospital Técnico. Incluye una actualización con nuevas directrices Airborne Infecciones de Contención Habitaciones de NAFA en Establecimientos de Asistencia Médica.

Marisa Jimenez de Segovia, CAFS, NCT
NAFA Past President & ASHRAE Fellow
Jorge Velasco, CAFS, NCT
International Director, NAFA



NAFA CAFS Tutorial and Exam

Tuesday, January 23
12:30 – 4:30 pm

The CAFS program distinguishes those professionals who have demonstrated a thorough, up-to-date understanding of air filtration technology and high level of professionalism. In order to become certified, air filtration professionals must pass an extensive examination on the principles, methods and applications of air filtration. NAFA will also offer attendees the opportunity to take the NCT exam. Please contact NAFA ( if you are interested in taking the CAFS or NCT exam.

Jim Rosenthal, CAFS
NAFA Past President