Keynote: Re-Energizing the Organization for Greatness
By William Blades, CMC, CPS, William Blades LLC

What Has the New MERV Table Done to My Products?!
By Michael Corbat, Engineering Manager, Custom Filter LLC

Panel Discussion on Air Filtration and Indoor Air Quality
By Bobby Singer, Lab Manager, Blue Heaven Technologies
Michael Waring, PhD, Drexel University
John Zhang, Sr. Specialist, 3M Company

Nonwovens Media Approaches for Air Inlet Filtration
By McLeod Stephens Jr., Sales Manager-Gas Turbine Aftermarket, Nederman LLC

ASHRAE’s 62.2 Residential Ventilation Standard Proposed Changes
By Mike Moore, Newport Ventures

Impact of High-Efficiency Filtration Combined with High Ventilation Rates on Indoor Particle Concentrations and Energy Usage in Office Buildings
By Michael Waring, PhD, Drexel University

Filter Forensics: A New Tool for Assessing Indoor Environments
By Dr. Kerry A. Kinney, The University of Texas at Austin

What does ASHRAE say about Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps (UV-C)?
By Dean Saputa, UVResources

CAFS Update Training; What’s new in the NAFA Guide to Air Filtration, 5th Ed.
By Chris Zaker, CAFS, NCT, Glasfloss Industries