G-26; A Guideline Method of In-Situ Testing
By Bob Burkhead, Blue Heaven Technologies,,

NAFA Update
By Jim Rosenthal, CAFS -TEX-AIR Filters/Air Relief Technologies, and Trey Fly, CAFS, NCT II, Joe W. Fly Co., Inc.,,,

Report on the NAFA Research Project, Wells-Riley and MERV - Final Report
By Dr. Brent Stephens, Illinois Institute of Technology, email NAFA - - if you need to contact Dr. Stephens

New ISO Classification Systems and Standards
By Paolo Tronville, Politecnico di Torino - Department of Energy, email NAFA - - if you need to contact Paolo Tronville

Motor Technology and How it Impacts Filtration
By Paul Selking, Regal Beloit Manufacturing Corporation,,

A New Media for Air Filtration
By Robert Green, NatureWorks, LLC,,

Catalytic Manganese Oxide VOC Removal Technology
By Aneliese Ramsay, Alan Uraz, Innovative Labs, LLC,,

Challenges Evolving from ASHRAE 52.2 Test Method
By Thad Ptak, Columbus Industries,,

Disarming of America; the fight against bacteria and viruses
By Bill Palmer, CAFS, AeroMed, Inc.,,