Building Profits Into Tomorrow
By Dr. Jeff Dietrich, Institute for Trend Research, 11 Depot Street, Concord, NH 03301, 603.226.9331,

Energy Consequences of Filtration
By Dr. Jeffrey Siegel, University of Texas at Austin, Dept. of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, ECJ5.2, Austin, TX 78712-1076, 512.471.9688,

Best Practice Use of Particle Counters In-Situ
By Jim Akey, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, 110 Pacific Avenue, Tillamook, OR 97141, 503.842.0700, Fax: 503.842.0701,

Butler Business Accelerator
By Larry O'Conner, Butler University, 317.940.6502,

How Effective Are Air Cleaners in Removing VOC's and Particulates from Indoor Air
By Davor Novosel, Chief Technology Officer, National Center for Energy Management and Building Technologies, 601 N Fairfax Street, Suite 250, Alexandria VA 22314, 703.299.5633,

Filtration Research at the Particle Technology Laboratory - University of Minnesota
By Dr. Thomas Kuehn, University of Minnesota, Mechanical Eng. Dept, 612.625.4520,

What's Wrong with 52.2?
By Bob Burkhead, Blue Heaven Technologies, 2820 South English Station Road, Louisville, KY 40299,

Particulate Matter Sources Health Effects and Control Strategies
By Dr. Wayne Thomann, Duke University Health System, Box 3914, Durham, NC 27710,

Filter Service Operation
By NAFA Member Panel, Panel Members:, Thomas Riddell, CAFS ( Air Filter Sales & Service), Joe W. Fly, Jr., CAFS (Joe W. Fly Co., Inc.), Harry C. Elinsky, Jr., CAFS (Filtech, Inc.), Bill Rasmussen, CAFS (Cincinnati Air Filter Sales & Service Inc.), Robert M. Couture, CAFS (Northeast Air Solutions, Inc.), Phil Maybee, CAFS (The Filter Man, Ltd.)

Hiring and Keeping Good Employees
By NAFA Member Panel

Running a Biosafety Certification Operation
By NAFA Member Panel

Training Salespeople
By NAFA Member Panel