Recognize your employees!

Industrial, commercial, residential facilities and services workers make up 12% of the industry.While the coronavirus pandemic has shut down much of the U.S. economy and businesses, millions of workers were still on the job providing essential services. Nearly every state governor has issued executive orders that outline industries deemed “essential” during the pandemic, which typically include air filtration.

When COVID19 first hit our country, we heard a lot about Essential Workers. Technicians, sales staff, office personnel and all who worked in the HVAC industry became essential. They risked their health to keep us all going, to upgrade health facilities to comply with new requirements and make sure all facilities had acceptable clean indoor air. They had to quickly adapt to new and stricter regulations. NAFA has developed a COVID19 Essential Worker Medallion that you can hand out to your deserving employees. Exclusive to NAFA members, this medallion will show your employees that you appreciate their hard work, commitment to clean air and filtration, and their fearless dedication to serving their community.

If you are a NAFA member, you can now order an Essential Worker Medallion. Order 1 or 100, we will process your order and calculate shipping, then bill you.

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