Research Subcommittee

Responsible for pushing forward ideas and areas that advance the art and science of air filtration. These programs require research by scientist that provides conclusions substantiated with fact. Research money from the ASHRAE Research Foundation is used to fund this research.

Standards Subcommittee

Focus of this group is on the writing and continued maintenance of standards and guidelines written for HVAC&R air filtration. This group not only reviews ASHRAE standard and guidelines but also keeps an active reporting system of HVAC&R standards and guidelines produced by other organizations and other countries around the world.

Program Subcommittee

The group puts forward programs and seminars at ASHRAE’s two conferences per year to help educate the engineering and end user public about proper air filtration and latest information on filtration. Through Forums, Seminars, and Conference papers, the Program Subcommittee presents the educational arm of TC2.4.

Handbook Subcommittee

ASHRAE Handbooks are the root source books for the HVAC&R industry around the world. Information in these books encompasses everything necessary for good application of HVAC&R engineering techniques. The Handbook Subcommittee is charged with adding, revising and updating sections of these books pertaining to air filtration.

Publications Subcommittee

The Publication Subcommittee strives to produce articles for the ASHRAE publications of “Insights” and “The ASHRAE Journal.” Normally, all research funded by ASHRAE includes a published article on the criteria and outcome of the research and this is published in “The ASHRAE Journal.” This committee is responsible for soliciting and writing articles for publication.