The following are notes to help NAFA’s Website Administrators maintain the site, and should be updated & expanded as required.

File Upload Rules

  • Source Files – upload using form above.
  • All Photos to be included in Photo Albums – upload via WordPress > Photo Album > Upload Photos.
  • All Other Images – upload via WordPress > Media Library (makes it easy to insert them in pages).
  • Documents (PDF, PPT, DOC, etc.) – upload via WordPress > Media Library, or upload directly to the appropriate folder in /wp-content/ using FTP.

Adding a Member Account

  1. Upload an updated nafa_members.csv source file (using upload form above)
  2. [Interim] Go to WordPress > WL Plugins > WL Member > Members (tab) > Add New Member (button)
  3. Complete & submit form:
    Username: follow our established username naming standards
    Password: whatever you want, they can always change it
    Membership Level: very import to choose the correct Membership Type

Deleting a Member Account

  1. Upload an updated nafa_members.csv source file (using upload form above)
  2. [Interim] Go to WordPress > WL Plugins > WL Member > Members (tab)
  3. Use the Search Members form (right side), or scroll down to find the Member
  4. Check the checkbox for that Member
  5. Choose “Delete Selected Users” from the Select an Action drop-down list, and GO
  6. Confirm deletion (twice)

Adding a Photo Album

  1. Create a new top-level Album
    WordPress > Photo Albums > Photo Albums > Create New Empty Album > Parent Album = none
    – suggest you follow the same naming convention as before
  2. Create new sub-Albums (if you want to organize photos by event)
    WordPress > Photo Albums > Photo Albums > Create New Empty Album > Parent Album = choose top level album
    – photo albums may consist of sub-albums (see 2010 Annual Convention)
  3. Upload Photos
    WordPress > Photo Albums > Upload Photos > Single Photos > choose the Album
    WordPress > Photo Albums > Upload Photos > Zipped Photos
    – there’s a 10Mb file upload limit, so you may want to resize photos before uploading
    – you can upload them 1 at a time, or zip a bunch of them and upload the zip file (recommended)
  4. Import Photos (if Upload Photos > Zipped Photos method used)
    WordPress > Photo Albums > Import Photos > choose the Album
  5. Add Photo Album to Web Page
    WordPress > Pages > Add New
    – take a look at Annual Convention Photos – 2010 for example
    – create a new Photos page with this in the body:
    %%album=xx%% (where xx is the photo album ID)

Annual Meetings & Technical Seminars

  1. Source File: nafa_presentations.csv: This file should include a line item for each presentation – Category, Title, and File are required, Field1-x are for additional info like Presenter, Company/Title, website, email … whatever you want listed after the Title. This file should be uploaded via the Admin page, and a program will generate/format the content for the individual Annual Convention and Technical Seminars pages.
    (Your current source file contains only one 2013 Technical Seminar presentation.)
  2. Meeting Folders:
    • The downloadable presentations for each meeting – Annual Convention or Technical Seminar – need to be FTP’d to the appropriate /public_html/wp-content/meetings/ folder on the website.
    • A folder for each new meeting must be added, and this is done with the help of your FTP program (New Folder, or some such command).
    (I’ve made sure all the meeting folders are in place, from 2004 – 2013.)
  3. Annual Convention & Technical Seminars Pages: each year should have these two pages defined:
    • Annual Convention Presentations – 20xx
    • Technical Seminar Presentations – 20xx
    (I changed a page name & slug or two, but you have the complete set of 2004 – 2013 pages in place.)
  4. Photos:
    • If you wish to create a photo album for a meeting, you do so using the Photo Album plug-in. The steps are: Create New Empty Album, give it a name & description, and then upload photos to it.
    • Then you need to add a page to display the photos, and this page should be named for the meeting: Annual Convention Photos – 20xx, or Technical Seminar Photos – 20xx – and it needs to include the appropriate shortcode that references the new photo album number.
    (Tip: take a look at another meeting photo album, copy the shortcode, and paste it into your new photo album – then change the album id number.)
  5. Annual Convention & Technical Seminars Landing Pages: these 2 pages are the pages you need to edit manually each time you finish add another meeting or maybe a photo album for a meeting.
  6. Behind the scenes: I have a program in place that automatically includes the presentations list for each meeting in each meeting page. This mechanism works well, but it requires that you following the meeting naming conventions I have set up – so the Category in the presentations source file and the page names must be consistent and match what I’ve described here and what you can see by looking back on previous meetings.