City of Montreal


NAFA’s 2019 Annual Meeting (September 11-13, 2019) is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and it’s time to think about some preparations you’ll need to make.

  • If you are traveling from the United States, you will need a passport for travel to both Canada and Mexico, and of course other countries. Don’t wait until the last second. You can get a passport in two weeks, but it cost you rush fees and some grey hairs worrying about it! Here’s how to get a passport.
  • Ensure your current passport will still be current for your return trip! You may not be able to depart if your passport expires within a month or two of your journey. Renew it now if it does.
  • If you travel extensively consider getting CLEAR or TSA PreCheck which can streamline your trip through TSA and security checkpoints and the Global Entry which simplifies reentry to the United States through Customs.
  • Brush up on your French. 59% of the city speaks both English and French, so when in Rome…er…Montreal… Do your best!
  • Did you know that most of the City of Montreal is situated on an island? Go ahead, Google Map it. We’ll wait. There’s nothing you should do with this information. But it’s interesting!