2014 Annual Convention


Air Filtration for Clean Air and Good Health
By William Fisk, Professor, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Become Invincible to Lawsuits and Save Thousands
By Contact G. Kent Mangelson, American Society for Asset Protection, www.americansocietyap.org

Making Strategic Sales Presentations
By Jack Malcolm, Falcon Performance Group

Freight 101
By Shawn Dyer, Group Transporation Services, sdyer@onestopshipping.com

How to Increase your Business Using UVGI
By Jim Beavers, Steril-Aire, Inc., www.steril-aire.com

Economic Forecast for 2014 & Beyond
By Till Schreiber, PhD, Professor, College of William & Mary

Finding, Hiring and Keeping the Right People
By Lisa Graznak, Corporate Change Consortium, lisa.graznak@dalecarnegie.com

Clean Air for Classrooms
By Jerry Lamping, retired