2007 Annual Convention


Building Profits Into Tomorrow
By Dr. Jeff Dietrich, Institute for Trend Research, 11 Depot Street, Concord, NH 03301, 603.226.9331, jeff@ecotrends.org

Energy Consequences of Filtration
By Dr. Jeffrey Siegel, University of Texas at Austin, Dept. of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, ECJ5.2, Austin, TX 78712-1076, 512.471.9688, jasiegel@mail.utexas.edu

Best Practice Use of Particle Counters In-Situ
By Jim Akey, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, 110 Pacific Avenue, Tillamook, OR 97141, 503.842.0700, Fax: 503.842.0701, jakey@golighthouse.com

Butler Business Accelerator
By Larry O'Conner, Butler University, 317.940.6502, loconnor@butler.edu

How Effective Are Air Cleaners in Removing VOC's and Particulates from Indoor Air
By Davor Novosel, Chief Technology Officer, National Center for Energy Management and Building Technologies, 601 N Fairfax Street, Suite 250, Alexandria VA 22314, 703.299.5633, dnovosel@ncembt.org

Filtration Research at the Particle Technology Laboratory - University of Minnesota
By Dr. Thomas Kuehn, University of Minnesota, Mechanical Eng. Dept, 612.625.4520, Kuehn001@tc.umn.edu

What's Wrong with 52.2?
By Bob Burkhead, Blue Heaven Technologies, 2820 South English Station Road, Louisville, KY 40299, bob@blueheaventech.com

Particulate Matter Sources Health Effects and Control Strategies
By Dr. Wayne Thomann, Duke University Health System, Box 3914, Durham, NC 27710, Thoma010@mc.duke.edu

Filter Service Operation
By NAFA Member Panel, Panel Members:, Thomas Riddell, CAFS ( Air Filter Sales & Service), Joe W. Fly, Jr., CAFS (Joe W. Fly Co., Inc.), Harry C. Elinsky, Jr., CAFS (Filtech, Inc.), Bill Rasmussen, CAFS (Cincinnati Air Filter Sales & Service Inc.), Robert M. Couture, CAFS (Northeast Air Solutions, Inc.), Phil Maybee, CAFS (The Filter Man, Ltd.)

Hiring and Keeping Good Employees
By NAFA Member Panel

Running a Biosafety Certification Operation
By NAFA Member Panel

Training Salespeople
By NAFA Member Panel