NAFA Member George Spottswood Appointed to NIST’s MEP Advisory Board

Last month, NAFA member and CEO of Quality Filters, Inc. George Spottswood was appointed to the National Institute of Standards & Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NISTMEP) Advisory Board. NISTMEP’s mission is to enhance the productivity and technological performance of U.S. manufacturing. They are a national network and the only public-private partnership dedicated to serving small … Read More

Shipper Insights: How Accurate NMFC’s Can Help Control Transportation Costs

NMFC’s must be provided by the shipper so that carriers can determine shipping rates. Learn what shippers need to know about NMFC’s to control transportation-related costs. One of the most important steps when preparing a LTL (Less-than-Truckload) shipment is identifying the correct NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification). The NMFC is a numerical code which describes … Read More

Know More! Selling

Know More! Selling By Sam Richter The Internet has changed the way companies sell, and buyers buy. Unless you have been living on a deserted island for the past 15 years, I know that statement did not send shock waves through your consciousness. And even if you had been living on a deserted island, you … Read More

UL 900 Update

By Tom Justice, CAFS, NCT, Zene The first edition of the UL 900 Standard for air filter units was issued back in September 1965 and has evolved over the years to the most recent designation as an American National Standard (ANSI) which occurred on February 14, 2012; ANSI/UL 900. It currently consists of the Eighth … Read More

Join now and your membership is good through December 31, 2017!

“NAFA is working to take filters from commodities buying to Life, Safety and Health purchase.” “Absolutely necessary with LEED Buildings.” Benefits of NAFA Membership When your company is a member of the National Air Filtration Association, membership opens the doors to many opportunities.  NAFA offers a community of CAFSs and NCTs that you can rely … Read More

Be a Leader: The Five Components to Results Management

Now more than ever, it is important to get the best – and most – out of employees. Many leaders desire to increase staff performance, but few have a system to achieve their desired results. Here are five components to results management to get you thinking about creating the system you need to maximize your … Read More

How many cubic feet of air are passed through an air filter annually?

By D. Brian Baker, Custom Vac Limited January 2009   Of course there is no single answer to this question because it depends on many factors such as, what is the fan CFM on high, what is the fan CFM on low, is continuous fan being utilized, what are the heating and cooling CFM’s, how … Read More

NAFA Position Statement on 52.2 Appendix J

4/30/14 – As the President of the National Air Filtration Association, this is to inform the committee that based on an overwhelming consensus of NAFA’s members, NAFA will be voting “No” concerning the motion made in New York City, to move Appendix J from an appendix to an actual part of ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2012. NAFA … Read More

The Purpose of Paint Arrestors

It does sound “green” to say overspray collectors keep the environment cleaner, but let’s face facts; keeping the exhaust stack and fan free of overspray build-up ensures that an exhaust system can properly remove VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and other noxious vapors from a spray booth.  That is the primary purpose of a paint arrestor. … Read More

Dealing With Schools’ Ventilation Problems

Officials at Keefe Technical School upgraded filter efficiency and found out the improvement keeps the ductwork clean while operating the heating and cooling coils at peak energy efficiency. Statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics are a bit unnerving: 53 million school children and 6 million teachers, administrators, and others walk into 120,000 school … Read More

Cleanrooms, Minimum Testing Criteria

(Ed. Note: The largest number of cleanrooms is divided between the semi-conductor industry, driven by increased yield (or decreased cull rates), and the pharmaceutical/ medical device industry driven by health-related concerns of not causing death or illness to the public along with FDA regulatory concerns. In this article, Mr. Brande presents his views on what … Read More

Aerosol Treatment Chambers

While the largest amount of filtration business in a healthcare facility is typically found within the air handling system, there are many unique applications where filtration is used as part of a diagnostic or medical treatment procedure. One of these applications is the aerosol treatment chamber. An aerosol treatment chamber or booth is a negative … Read More