ASHRAE Technical Committee (TC 2.4)

Welcome to the landing page for the ASHRAE Technical Committee 2.4 (TC 2.4), Particulate Air Contaminants and Particulate Equipment Removal.

This is a Technical Committee within ASHRAE and thus we fall under their rules and guidance. These pages describe the activities and work of TC 2.4 and we welcome participation by anyone with an interest in filtration.

Our Scope

TC 2.4 is concerned with the nature of particulate contaminants, both solid and liquid; the measurement of their properties; their effects on living things and materials; both solid and liquid; the means of removing unwanted particulate contaminants from gases; and the evaluation of the effectiveness, energy usage, and the economy of such purification equipment.

For both ordinary and extraordinary situations including hostile acts the TC is concerned with the effects of particulate contaminants on the quality of air supplied to and exhausted from enclosed spaces, and with the sources of particulate contamination pollution within such spaces. The scope of TC 2.4 does not include purely physiological or toxicological aspects of particulate pollution.

This web site describes the activities of Technical Committee 2.4 of ASHRAE. It does not present official positions of the Society nor reflect Society policy. ASHRAE is not responsible for this site’s content. NAFA is not responsible for ASHRAE TC 2.4 content.

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